Assessment & Consultation

Assessment & Consultation

Sometimes clarifying what´s going on solves difficulties.

Let me know when you are available for a FREE screening phone call.

During your FREE telephone screening, based upon the information you provide, specific recommendations will be made on how I can best support you, your child or your family.

In different life moments, everyone is subjected to struggle and confusion. Facing changes such as, emerging into adulthood, starting the professional life, changing jobs or moving to a new city may arise complex concerns about our body, our identity, our purpose in life… In these moments, we can benefit from coherent guides to continue with our life plans.

In a consultation process, you can benefit from the experience, of a senior clinician, to integrate information and facilitate an interactive process that identifies your personal strengths to approach and overcome difficulties, allowing the necessary changes to take place.

It is a five-day process of a focused assessment that ends with a presentation of the situation analysis and a plan. This process involves a first interview that will help us to establish and share a general understanding of the situation. This interview might be followed by three in-depth evaluation interviews that will imply the analysis of all oral/written information relevant to the situation provided by other professionals, and individual and family interviews.

The consultation is thought to bring understanding of internal strengths and motivations to encourage change. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a written report with specific recommendations of how to continue from there.

Call now if you require a telephone screening, or click here to schedule an appointment for the first clinical interview.

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