MªCruz Salazar Bello

European Certified Psychotherapist in Madrid

I´ve studied and worked both in United States and Europe.

I specialize in trauma, mourning and emotional distress. I work alleviating suffering and conflict resolution. Systems and groups are my other passion. I am trained and experienced in business and community associations, learning/therapeutic groups and families.

I offer my counseling and therapeutic services to anyone who struggles through life, particularly when they are not sure what the problem is, nor its solution. For 25 years I have worked with individuals, groups and families.

Being a therapist, I have dealt with all types of victims of violence. I´ve had the opportunity to accompany them in the process of integrating trauma and empowering themselves to achieve integration and resolution. I´ve worked in public and private organizations, focusing in problem resolution. But overall, I´ve enjoyed studying and dealing with bounds and systems. I help people to get the most out of therapy, and get on with their lives.

My Education

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work together to achieve goals

I am proud to have started my clinical experience in Boston, Massachusetts.  I started my learning process as a clinician at The South End Community Health Center, both at The Children’s Community Support Collaborative Program and at the South End Community Health Center, in The Fuller Mental Health Centre, Outpatient Department.

I was responsible for the individual and family treatment of children and adolescents with chronic problems, the objective being to facilitate the transition out of the hospital to a residence and/or home, and to minimize future hospitalizations. I was also in charge of coordinating different services available to the clients and their families (Group, Occupational, and Milieu Therapy). I worked as a 24 hour-day emergency clinician, one week per month (evaluating the crises of all the candidates to the program and the crisis interventions with the program’s clients). I also coordinated the group treatment, and the selection of new members at the Latino Woman Support Group and the Latino Maintenance Group.

Before graduation, I was particularly satisfied to be a volunteer Research Assistant, which included translating a questionnaire for a study on children’s perception of AIDS, at Boston College. Also, I volunteered as a caseworker, I was in charge of basic intake, the referrals to the clinician, and participated in weekly case evaluations, from September 1993 to December 1993 at La Alianza Hispana, in Roxbury, MA.

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Madrid ( Spain )